Company leaders pay special attention to the construction of marketing team, pay attention to efficiency and flexible management. At present, more than 20 cities in all parts of the country have set up operating agency outlets, in terms of exports, has obtained import and export licensing rights, products have been exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America and other places.

  • Dongguan Telecom Bureau

    Project:Dongguan Telecom Bureau

    Dongguan Telecom Bureau

  • Beijing Regal Court

    Project:Beijing Regal Court

    Beijing Regal Court

  • Beijing Intime Center

    Project:Beijing Intime Center

    Beijing Intime Center

  • Beijing blue international financial center

    Project:Beijing blue international financial center

    Beijing blue international financial center

  • Beijing News Plaza Hotel

    Project:Beijing News Plaza Hotel

    Beijing News Plaza Hotel

  • Beijing people's Broadcasting Station

    Project:Beijing people's Broadcasting Station

    Beijing people's Broadcasting Station

  • Beijing Jinhai International Garden

    Project:Beijing Jinhai International Garden

    Beijing Jinhai International Garden

  • Beijing SDIC Fortune Plaza

    Project:Beijing SDIC Fortune Plaza

    Beijing SDIC Fortune Plaza

  • Beijing Dacheng square

    Project:Beijing Dacheng square

    Beijing Dacheng square