Company leaders pay special attention to the construction of marketing team, pay attention to efficiency and flexible management. At present, more than 20 cities in all parts of the country have set up operating agency outlets, in terms of exports, has obtained import and export licensing rights, products have been exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America and other places.

  • Nanhai traffic police building

    Project:Nanhai traffic police building

    Nanhai traffic police building

  • Minsk aircraft carrier (Shenzhen world)

    Project:Minsk aircraft carrier (Shenzhen world)

    Minsk aircraft carrier (Shenzhen world)

  • Duracell battery factory

    Project:Duracell battery factory

    Duracell battery factory

  • Citic Plaza

    Project:Citic Plaza

    Citic Plaza

  • Guangzhou Zhonghua square

    Project:Guangzhou Zhonghua square

    Guangzhou Zhonghua square

  • Guangzhou round Mansion

    Project:Guangzhou round Mansion

    Guangzhou round Mansion

  • Guangzhou Ruihua building

    Project:Guangzhou Ruihua building

    Guangzhou Ruihua building

  • Development Building, Guangzhou Economic Developm...

    Project:Development Building, Guangzhou Economic Developm...

    Development Building, Guangzhou Economic Development Zone

  • Guangzhou TV station

    Project:Guangzhou TV station

    Guangzhou TV station

  • Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

    Project:Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

    Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

  • Guangdong Development Bank (Qingyuan branch)

    Project:Guangdong Development Bank (Qingyuan branch)

    Guangdong Development Bank (Qingyuan branch)

  • Shiwan State Taxation Bureau of Foshan

    Project:Shiwan State Taxation Bureau of Foshan

    Shiwan State Taxation Bureau of Foshan